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Barack Obama and the US Congress: Cut private hand gun sales/ownership in half

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On March 13 1996, in the town of Dunblane, Scotland, Thomas Hamilton killed 16 children and their teacher. He fired at random at 5 and 6 year olds in a school gym. After this, the family and friends of the children, and their teacher started one of the first ever internet petition campaigns to call for the ban of private ownership and use of hand guns in the UK. This campaign was called ‘Snowdrop Petition’. The petition collected got over 750,000 signatures and was instrumental on the UK government passing new legislation.

On December 14, in Sandyhook, CT, near the town of Newtown, CT, population 25,031, a 20 year old gun man, Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults.

I have started this petition on my own, with encouragement from a stranger on twitter, demanding someone to use the spirit and memory of the children killed in Dunblane, to restart the snowdrop campaign. I started this website, as a way to put pressure on Barack Obama and Congress to take “meaningful action” to prevent this from ever happening again.

Currently in United States there is a culture of apathy towards gun control, which dictates, that more guns on the street is the answer. That we should arm our teachers with hand guns. We feel that a repeat of Sandyhook and Virginia Tech, can be prevented, not by turning our schools into prisons, or arming school staff with hand guns. Doing this only perpetuates the gun violence. We are not liberals. We are not politicians. We are saying that the answer to gun crime is to reduce the numbers of guns, not increasing them.

Since Dunblane there have been 87 school shootings in the United States. Since then, the shootings today at Sandyhook, brought the number of people killed in schools to 200, and a lot more injured both physically and mentally. In the UK since the legislation for banning the hand guns, there has been zero school shooting incidents. No injuries or deaths. We are not asking for total ban on hand guns. We are not familiar or aligning ourselves with the brady campaign for stricter gun control. We are asking both Republicans and Democrats to come together and make changes that go further and that are set in stone. We are asking them to come up with a consensus, on how we can cut the number of private sales for handguns. We are worried that if this is not handled correctly, incidents like the shooting at Sandyhook will only increase sales, and will not prevent this from happening again. We want them to cut the number of hand gun ownership by at least a half, urgently.

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