Lawyers and Bar Association protesting in support of criminals must be punished.

Lawyers and Bar Association protesting in support of criminals must be punished.

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Justice delayed is justice denied. When law protectors and regulators come on streets in protest for supporting criminals, it's high time some action is needed.

I am a lawyer from a small town registered under Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh and Bar Council of India, but it's not about me. It's about the the actions of lawyers and concerned Bar Associations. We the lawyers represent the intellectual community. Our work is to defend our client inside the court room on the basis of facts, evidences and witnesses. We are not supposed to protest on streets on behalf or support of criminals. We are law protectors and not criminal protectors. There is a huge difference between defending a client and protecting a criminal.

In January 2018 an 8 year old little girl was abducted for 5 days, drugged and raped several times by 6 men, including a 60 year old temple priest Sanjhi Ram, his son Vishal and the nephew (juvenile), Parvesh and two policemen Deepak Khajuria and Tilak Ram inside a temple Devisthan in Rasana village in Hiranagar, Kathua district. All this for just erasing a minority nomadic community from that area. They abducted the girl while she was finding one of her horse which was missing. They kept her in the temple, drugged her and raped her several times for 5 days until her organs were damaged. Then it was decided to finally kill her. They broke her legs by bending them backwards. Then suffocated her by her duppatta. To ensure she was dead, one of them crushed her head twice by a big stone.

First 2 BJP ministers creates obstruction in investigation by creating an illusion of CBI inquiry and after the body of the victim was recovered it took 6 hours for the police to file a chargesheet because the lawyers created a chaos. Because it happened all inside a temple Hindu Ekta Manch was made and it all got related to religion.

The worst part is President and many lawyers of Jammu Bar Association started protesting on roads in support of the Temple priest and the policemen (criminals). They chanted national slogans on streets and raised National Flag. I don't know how was this even relevant. They also announced a strike in court so that no cases involving the victim's case can be heard. Mr. B.S.Salathia, president of Jammu Bar Association even threatened the victim's lawyer Deepika S Rajawat. He used abusive language for her and terrorised her by saying ''there are other means to stop her". He did not wanted her to appear in the court as victim's case was listed.

My concern is if lawyers and Bar Associations will be involved in such heinous acts of creating obstruction in justice and protection of criminals, then where and whom victims will trust to get justice.

I want Bar Council Of India to take necessary actions against such act done by the those lawyers and the President of Jammu Bar Association. I condemn this act and demand a severe punishment. They must be barred from practicing law for a very long time and all the profits and facilities they receive for being a lawyer must be stopped immediately. I want BCI to make harsh rules and punishments, so that in future no lawyer or Bar Associations involve in such acts. And if BCI is unable or does not take proper and appropriate action for this misconduct of lawyers and Bar Associations then I expect honorable Supreme Court to take this matter in hand.