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Bank of America: Don't Let a Veteran's Family Lose Their Home


How many homeless Veterans do you see on the streets? Does Bank of America really want to be responsible for another?

My husband (a two tour Iraq War Veteran) and I have been trying for 3 years to modify our mortgage with Bank of America (Merrill Lynch), only to be given the run around. Now, we may lose our home.  The home my father designed and built with his own two hands that should be in our family for generations to come.

Since 2008 my family has been dealing with the nightmare of trying to get a modification with Bank of America for our home in Lakewood, CA. We've been told the bank has lost our paperwork more than once, we've been sent denial letters, and we are now on the 3rd attempt to modify our loan.

Due to the unethical practices of Banks and Credit Card companies, and furloughs, my credit has been completely destroyed and I am now in a financial spiral, one that makes it impossible to qualify for a refinance.

Bank of America has ignored our modification requests. They have continually lost and then requested replacement paperwork, impounded tax and insurance payments.  We must have a modification before the loan adjusts from interest only to hold on to our home.

We want to make our mortgage payments - and we can - if Bank of America works with us.

Please sign this petition to help my family keep our home.

Letter to
Bank Of America
Office of the CEO Ms. Supriya Katyal
Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan.

I'm writing you today to ask that you help the Kukreja family with their mortgage modification requests so that they can save the family home Mrs. Kukreja's father built and left to her and her children.

Corpsman David Kukreja is a two tour Iraq veteran who wants to work with Bank of America to make payments that both the bank and the family can live with.

They have reported that BoA has lost and then requested replacement paperwork more than once.

Please help the Kukreja family save their home.


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