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48 abused horses and non-profit financially devastated by lies/deception

Since August 2011, The Grace Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue organization, has cared for 48 abused horses and foals that were fraudulently handed over by Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America.   Due to the banks deception, horses lives have been put in jeopardy and the small non-profit that in good faith agreed to help the banks have now had to shoulder the overwhelming financial burden that has exceeded $500,000 in out of pocket expenses to date. 

This, with future costs estimated in the hundreds of thousands will likely put The Grace Foundation out of business.  Our hope is for Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America to honor their promise and accept financial responsibility to these 48 horses and to the organization that has provided care for them.  

If Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America do not reimburse The Grace Foundation for the overwhelming costs it has incurred in caring for these horses, over 200 horses and other animals will potentially be homeless.  Many of these animals are special needs and will likely be destroyed.  Non-Payment by the banks will jeopardize the financial stability of The Grace Foundation which rescues and rehabilitates hundreds of animals each year. 

Non-reimbursement also calls into question what will happen to the more than 6000 at risk and special needs children that participate in the life changing programs offered at the ranch each year.  

Please Click Here for a video of the Susanville horses one year laterand see some of the challenges The Grace Foundation has had to face while caring for these horses alone.

We ask you Wells fargo Bank and Bank of America to have the courage to do the right thing and right this wrong.

For more information on this case and to view the legal documents and a time-line, “like” The Grace Foundation of Northern California on Facebook or you can go to our website

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