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Police Lease of Empathy for Animals (PLEA)

Objective :Let's make our beloved Bangalore Police the most Animal Empathetic & Friendly Force in India ! With police support, the community and animals 

Background :

* For laws to work, they must be enforced, and this is the need of the hour.
* Compassion to Animal Welfare is enshrined in our Constitution and mandated  Supreme Court,  but implementation has challenges on the ground, largely due to weak enforcement and/or public ignorance
* The animal issues that require police attention range from minor to major: loss or stealing of pets, enforcement of cruelty laws, seizure of animals, dog fighting and gaming, breeding laws and booking of illegal breeders , pet shop rules , slaughter house standards etc etc
* The punishment for killing an animal of Rs 50 is neither stringent enough nor reflective of the crime , and the heavily loaded police tend to prioritize this crime very low, if they pay any attention at all. Therefore many animal crimes and problems remain unreported,  leading to complacency, indifference  and repeated criminal behavior towards animals . This is a regrettable cycle we DON'T want to either continue or grow.

PLEA!  Here is a different approach to adding enforcement muscle to rescue and cruelty cases on the ground

Limitations of an Overloaded Police Force:
* Limited knowledge of the animal case law
* Animals come lowest on list of beings that need security and protection
* Limited staff on ground and police stations
* Discomfort and fear of dealing with animals
* Dependence on hearsay and lack of proof,  as animals are voiceless
* Awkwardness & discomfort in relating to the entire animal issue at all
* Knowledge that the perpetrator can get away with a small fine and/or jail time , so police  wonder if  the effort is worth it.
* Lack of structure and framework for supporting this - ie identification, where to keep the lost/seized pets , shortage of Honorary Animal Welfare Officers , insufficient shelters, no micro-chipping and tagging of dogs etc.
* Concern that too much pressure may come on to police as go-to  animal authorities instead of AWBI, BBMP & NGO Shelters . Lines need to be clearly drawn

Suggestion & Asks
* Bangalore be the first police force in the country to have a dedicated DCP in charge of Animal Welfare and Cruelty. 'Bangalore Police - Compassionate and Protective to All..' 
* This can be a case study, documented longitudinally by MOEF&CC as well as global TV channels to showcase how goal oriented, pragmatic citizen activism coupled with strong police partnership & empathy can result in a truly compassionate & PLEA city
* Nominate retired police officers and constables for the prestigious PLEA Duty , and also involve Home Guards who can enhance their impact. This will be a huge win-win , as overworked police force can be better leveraged, while experienced , well networked and compassionate seniors are happy to make a sustainable difference.
* Give right to make a citizen's arrest in extreme case where police not available.
* Make a visible example of a cruelty or law breaking case , with harsh punishment and or arrest , so people are on their toes and will not transgress or break the law.
* Organize one highly visible monthly check or raid in suspected puppy mills
* Put up a separate page on Bangalore Police website  on this and have all cases available online. It's heartening that the current Bangalore police web page already covers many of the animal laws under 'legal aid' http://www.bcp.gov.in/Legal_aid.aspx (Update; why is this link not working in the new police website ?)  Also why is the Karnataka Police Act have such outdated provisions for stray animals and destruction of suffering dogs (Chapter IV Points 43 & 44) ? This needs to be updated and brought in line with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Law * Have regular training inputs from Animal Welfare Officers , AW specialist lawyers and case workers, or AWBI at the sub inspector and senior officers level, so that police understand their rights and responsibilities., and escalation charts.  Station Officers must learn to accept pet related complaints , as presents they only accept FCR or an acknowledgments
* Institute a 'Humane Officer of the Month' Award
* Bring in children into the weekend checks, so they are involved and educated . This should include children at special needs schools or slums as well
* Work closely with State NGO's Department of Animal Husbandry & BBMP, Ministry of Environment & Forests to create a robust framework.
* This effort DOES NOT have to be huge or spread out but can be well leveraged due to good training across force and sustainable partnerships with local communities and RWA's
* Enabling BBMP and pet lovers to ensure all pets are registered , tagged, identified , and if possible micro-chipped
* Have a rescued Indie Dog as a mascot for the Bangalore Police. 

Goals & Upsides
* A beloved police force who is truly all round and believes in the safety and security of all its citizens
* A more compassionate city
* A more informed citizenry & better empowered & armed animal lovers
* Moving towards the 'right thing to do'
* A young citizen and Next Gen who are able to see adults and police doing the right thing by its vulnerable and voiceless animals
* A safer city , with lower crime, as animal abusers identified and dealt with at a young age are less problematic than when they become criminals and murderers as adults. Animal abuse and criminal behavior is HIGHLY co-related.

* Reduction in unwanted dogs  ( whether lost , abandoned or lost ) , especially due to stringent enforcement & regulation of breeding rules.

* #NOMore50- the weak law for Animal Cruelty will definitely get more teeth if the police are better involved,  understand the weakness in enforcement  , given the embarrassingly low fine and laughable punishment.

 P L E A ..We can do this Together, Bangalore Police...so  let's try, P L E A  !

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