Add Ornstein's plume in Dark Souls Remastered

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As many of you reading this may know, this isn't the first petition created concerning Ornstein's plume. As we've seen, that petition was supported by many devoted fans of this series who wish to see this game be the best it can be. However, our battle for the plume is still not over. Quoting the aforementioned petition: 

"Arguably one of the most iconic bosses of the Souls series, Dragonslayer Ornstein is the majestic leader of the Four Knights of Gwyn, and one of the hardest (if not the hardest) boss in Dark Souls. As the slayer of not just Dragons, but thousands of players, he has made an impression on anyone who's played the games.

In all three Dark Souls games, Dragonslayer Ornstein's armor has made an appearance in the world. In its first appearance, however, it lacked the magnificent red plume Ornstein's helmet normally has when worn by the player -- at the time, this was considered by the player-base to be a side effect of cloth physics being implausible or impossible at the time for Dark Souls, even though other plumes were visible in the game on player-available sets (notably on the Helm of Artorias, another knight of Gwyn.)"

As the petition stated, the plume was absent from the original Dark Souls, and it was never was added. Hopes died for a chance for Ornstein's armor to truly be complete, and the patches for Dark Souls eventually stopped.

Then came Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 was a return to the themes, style, and characters of the first Dark Souls, with many references, armor sets, weapons, and areas from the original. Even Anor Londo, the area in which Ornstein was found in Dark Souls 1, had returned, and the iconic armor set with it.

But the plume was still gone.

This, of course, upset fans greatly. Dark Souls 3 had cloth physics, which invalidated the only argument for the plume being absent in the original. Therefore, a petition was made. A petition that was recognized by the official Dark Souls Twitter account after it made the front page of Reddit. A petition that accomplished its goal after the plume was added with the release of Dark Souls 3's second DLC, The Ringed City.

One year after the release of The Ringed City, Dark Souls Remastered was announced. A return to the fabled land of Lordran, now in at a 4k resolution and running at a silky smooth 60 frames per second. People's thoughts went wild as they thought what changes could be made to the masterpiece that was Dark Souls. Would they add cloth physics? Would they redo the combat? Would they add new bosses or areas? And, of course: would they finally add Ornstein's plume?

Over the course of the next few months, more trailers and more information about the Remastered edition were revealed. But we had still not heard anything about the elusive plume. Then, IGN released this article listing all of the changes between the original Dark Souls and the Remastered version. While this list contained many changes players had been hoping for since Dark Souls was first released, there was something missing: what about Ornstein's plume?

While there had been no mention of the plume, there was still hope for the much awaited change.

Foward to two days before release, and with still no mention of the plume, review copies had been sent out to various sites and members of the community. Many streams went up and many people made it to Anor Londo.

They made their way through the sentinels, the archers, and defeated the legendary Ornstein and Smough.

They put on the set.

And the plume was still gone.

You may be wondering why this plume is so important to people, and it's rather simple. The plume is a distinguishing part of Ornstein's design. Just like Superman without his cape or Harry Potter without his glasses, Ornstein without his plume just isn't the same.

And that's why this petition, just like the one before it, has been made to reach out to Bandai Namco and QLOC so they can see that players DO care about this small, yet significant change. Plumes do exist within Dark Souls 1, as stated before, and therefore this change is well within the realm of possibility. The only thing that needs to be done now it to let Bandai Namco/QLOC know that we want this change.

Please share this to your friends, on social media, to Bandai Namco, QLOC, Dark Souls twitter, etc., and spread this petition in any way you can.

We've done it before, we can do it again.