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Ban the banning of Pit Bulls and Breeds that resemble Pit Bulls!

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Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire terriers, American bull dogs, Boxers, and much more breeds are beautiful, loving dogs when put in the hands of the right owners. I understand there are a lot of issues surrounding these dogs, such as dog fighting, but that is the humans fault for putting a dog capable of love in a terrible situation. It doesn't make sense to ban a dog, or any life form for that matter, for something that isn't their fault. And if a dog of said breeds attacks a human, then that one dog should be put down, not the whole breed. We can't classify one dogs actions as an action of all dogs under that breed, just as we cannot do that to humans. What we should do instead is enforce laws that make it harder to own any domestic animal. Such as: mandatory professional training where the owners and dogs are involved, and must pass. Liscensing for every person owning an animal, that involves a proper screening process. And blacklisting for anyone who abuses an animal from ever owning one again, after a proper prison sentence. Creating laws like the examples given make more sense then banning a life form. Especially when banning a life form basically means genocide among pit bulls and breeds that look like pit bulls. Like the American Staffordshire terrior for example, this dog was bred to be a nanny, and as someone who owns one, they are gentle giants who are PERFECT for watching after you, or a child. It makes no sense why one would ban such a loving, gentle, loyal breed. And that's just one example. Please, don't ban these beautiful dogs, it just isn't right. 

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