Ban PET/Plastic Bottles, Re-Introduce Glass Bottles #SaveEnvironment #SaveEarth

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It’s Now or Never

We humans are aware about the destruction that we are doing with our planet Earth and many a times we just ignore it or blindfold our self to let the destruction continue.

God has gifted us such a beautiful place to live, but we humans just for the sake of our own profits are ready to destroy the Earth in any way which is possible and we humans are so mean that we don’t even care about the flora and fauna which have the equal rights to live in this planet as we do.

But before it too late we all should and have to take some necessary steps to save the Earth for our future generations. We should also respect the Mother Nature by giving all the equal rights to live to the flora and fauna.

One of the meanest way by which we are dynamiting the Earth is by consuming Beverages in PET/Plastic bottles which are completely hazardous to the Nature. According to other campaigners A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021.The most distressing point till now is that no way have been developed to recycle all the single use PET/Plastic bottles that have been manufactured.

To this one of the way by which we can reduce the destruction and save the Earth is by forcing the Beverage Industry in India to shift to Glass and Aluminum bottles only instead of using PET/Plastic bottles. Glass and Aluminum bottles can be recycled easily and doesn’t harm the environment as the way PET/Plastic bottles do.

I still remember that in year 90’s when Fizzy drinks where supplied in Glass bottles there was a simple rule of consuming it, the consumer has to drink the beverage at the shop only or they have to deposit a security amount/ an empty bottle first to purchase the filled bottle to take it  home. This procedure was not harming the Earth in any way, as the buyer was force to take care of the Empty glass bottles. And then those empty bottles were recycled by the Manufactures of the drink.

This also shows that the companies in India were capable to supply the drinks in Glass bottles no matter if it was 330ml drink or a liter one, Every variant was available at all shops. So what happened now? Why companies have increased the supplies in PET/Plastic bottles and have lower the supply in Glass Bottles? Is it just to maximize their own profits?

In today’s time also 90% of Alcoholic drinks are being supplied in glass bottles/Aluminum Cans for instance Whiskey/Beer/Rum/Vodka/Wine etc, all such drinks are supplied in recyclable bottles so why not Non-Alcoholic drinks?

So I request everyone to take a step together by signing and sharing this petition to let the government know that we want to save guard our planet, and force the Government to implement a law to make a shift from PET/Plastic bottles to Glass & Aluminum Bottles only in the Beverages Industry in India.