Ban elephant trading in Punjab: Amend legislation - Abhishek Kadyan

Elephant; National heritage animal of India can be traded in Punjab, kudos to Abhishek Kadian and Miss Sukanya Kadian, successful  to get amended, the Haryana Cattle Fairs Act on Naresh Kadyan complaint, now same demand before the HE the Governor of Punjab, to issue ordinance on elephant trading be banned in Punjab.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Hon'ble Minister of Environment and Forest
  • FC to Rural Development and Panchyat, Punjab
  • Secretary to the MoEF
  • Wildlife Crime Control Bureau - WCCB
  • Cabinet Secretary to the Govt. of India
  • HE Vice President of India
  • Hon'ble Chief Justice, Punjab and Haryana High Court
  • Administrator UT, Chandigarh
  • HE Governor of Punjab
  • Hon'ble Speaker, Punjab Assembly
  • Director, Rural Development and Panchyat, Punjab
  • HE President of India
  • Animal Welfare Division
  • Rajya Sabha Committee on Petitions
  • Chief Secretary to Govt. of Punjab

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