Ban cruel snares and restraint trapping

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This picture is a young Algonquin wolf I came across just feet from a well travelled snowmobile trail while walking my dogs the end of Jan 2014. He had been there for days from the evidence of the surroundings and the severity of the wound.  

Snaring is a type of trapping that captures an animal with a notched steel cable that slowly tightens never loosening. Restraint trapping is using a device to hold the animal until disbatched by the trapper. Animals panic and fight even severing limbs. Traps are to be checked daily or twice a week for traps thought to capture an animal around the neck and therefore called quick kill traps. This wolf was caught by the hind leg by a neck snare intended for a different species.  It was legal according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and was not required to be checked daily.

I demand that there be an immediate ban on the cruel and unnecessary use of snares and restraint type traps and that all traps be clearly labelled with the trapper's identification and that all traplines be posted to warn and protect the public and their pets.

Trapping is poorly regulated, dependent on weather and predictable animal behaviour, which is impossible. Trapping success also depends on the correct species wandering in to it. Research has shown that there is a very high number of unintentional animals caught - including family pets. Traplines don't have to be posted and are rampant in publicly accessible crown land.  You may have already walked, skied or snowshoed past traps.

We live in modern times and the old inhumane practices of snaring and restraining an animal in an inhumane way needs to be abolished.  The public demands safety and accountability in its crown lands and conservation areas. We demand kinder treatment of the creatures we share this planet with.