Ban Combat Zone Profiteering

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We, a collective of combat zone mercenary firefighters, oppose any efforts of private companies to occupy Iraq, and strongly urge oil and gas companies, and the corporations and banks that fund them, not to initiate or engage in any transactions that come from occupying Iraq or any other combat zone. We are gravely concerned about the operating procedures of private companies and the damaging effects of their misconduct.

Kellogg Brown & Root, Sallyport Global, and their associate Triple Canopy not only short sell military by providing subpar services, but heartlessly abandoned 1700 Iraqi recruits they collectively gathered and greatly profited off of in solidarity with a failing and corrupt Iraq government. The Iraqi F-16 program was marketed and promoted as a project that would liberate the Iraqi people from terrorist regimes.

Stuart Bradie: Chief Executive Officer of Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR)

Victor Esposito: President & Chief Executive Officer of Sallyport Global

Ignacio "Iggy" Balderas: Chief Executive Officer of Triple Canopy

How do you explain your logistical decision making as you abandon the UNARMED recruits of the Iraqi F-16 program to ISIS?

Peter Hancock & Brian Duperreault: Former & Current Chief Executive Officers of American International Group (AIG)

How do you consciously back these maniacal companies?

As ISIS enclosed leadership relocated only the mercenaries of the F-16 project from Tikrit (Camp Speicher) to Balad (Camp Anaconda) and left behind our friends and associates, the brave young men of Iraq who were coaxed to stand and fight for their land, families, and freedom. They were wrongfully misdirected, defenseless, and disavowed into the hands of ISIS. June 2014, 1700 cadets were executed.

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With no acknowledgement or responsibility for their role in the Camp Speicher Massacre, the private companies returned to crooked operations and made these headlines:

These companies knowingly expose firefighters to deadly conditions then cut ties as soon as the contract ends with no remorse. We have lost too many Chiefs, Crew Chiefs, and Firefighters from work environment exposures.

Billions have gone into the Iraqi F-16 project at the tax payers' expense. Please do your own due diligence on these companies.

The Camp Speicher Massacre is a clear example of why private companies should be banned from conflict zones. We risked everything for the dream you sold and we believed it only to be mislead. In remembrance of the 1700 & FD crew members that have passed on, I ask that you support discontinuing private companies operating in combat zones who use conflict as vail for profit.


Tikrit & Balad Firefighters of 2013 - 2014

IG: knudsen360