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A shocking video from this year’s European Championship of the dogsled race in Switzerland shows Claudio De Ferrari tormenting a number of huskies that have collapsed and are unable to run. De Ferrari was filmed violently attempting to push on a number of exhausted huskies. He finally forces them to finish running the line, after which he was crowned Vice-European champion and given a trophy. The European Association WSA responded by temporarily blocking De Ferrari until the next general meeting at which the incident should be addressed. In the mean time, the dogsled sports club in Austria has excluded the musher from all future events.

Please ask for a lifetime ban for De Ferrari!

Dogsled races profit from pain and misery:

Letter to
Dr Giovanni Peduto
FISTC Vice Chairman Wolfgang Speer
Technical Director for MD/LT races Olivier Favre
and 4 others
FISTC Secretary Gert Kronholm
F.I.M.S.S., FCI Division Responsible Mr. Rinaldo Marioli
Italian Sleddog Club (CIS)
World Sleddog Association
I was shocked to learn about Claudio De Ferrari’s abuse of a number of huskies at this year's European Championship Sled Dog Race in Switzerland, and even more so to learn that he was crowned Vice-European champion. The footage from the event clearly shows that the dogs were not trained for the distance and in no condition to race. Instead of attending to their needs, De Ferrari used brute force in an attempt to get the exhausted dogs to run. His behaviour and his lack of concern for the welfare of the animals is appalling.

I ask that you investigate this matter and take appropriate measures. Claudio De Ferrari should be banned for life from all future dog sled races!


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