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Ban Bullfighting

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Bullfighting is a cruel and unethical "sport" that abuses and exploites animals, and should be banned.

Despite popular belief, bulls are normally quite docile creatures, and are provoked to attack not only in the ring - by having barbed spears plunged into its flesh - but even before the fight. The bull is kept in a dark room for days before the fight, with no food or water, and it is beaten, fed laxatives, and tortured. Right before entering the arena, they are sedated, vaseline is rubbed in their eyes to cloud their vision, cotton is stuck in their throats and nose, and their ears are stuffed with newspaper. On the way through the gate, it is slammed on their head, cracking their skull. When they finally leave their dark prison and enter the light of the arena, they have some hope of freedom - only to be tortured slowly to death. At the end of the fight, their ears and genitalia are often cut off and held aloft by the matador - usually while the poor bull is still alive.

Bulls are not the only animals harmed in Bullfighting. Horses are often gored and killed by the confused, terrified bulls. The horses are not given proper medical treatment when injured, and usually die. The terrified horses are controlled by being blindfolded, sedated, and having newspaper stuck in their ears. When injured, they are often whipped and beaten to their feet and forced off the arena - sometimes tripping over their own spilled organs. In one instance the rider actually set fire to the horse's genitalia to get it to stand up.

Even the 'brave' matadors are in danger of being injured or killed by an angry bull or even an injured horse. These matadors were often raised torturing and killing animals. One matador tortured and killed his first 'bull' (a month old calf) when he was only 4 years old. Many of the spectators to these bullfights are also children - leading to further corruption.

While it can be argued that this practice is a tradition, so were many other barbaric and primitive pastimes - such as gladiator fights, genital mutulation, and bear-baiting - things which we have since moved on from, and rightly so.

There are many more reasons Bullfighting should end... (see below)

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