Petitioning Leader of Fianna Fail Party Micheal Martin and 7 others

Ban Blood Sports in Ireland

Blood sports have no place in modern Ireland. Using live hares as lures for greyhounds in coursing is unacceptable. So too is using a pack of hounds to chase and tear foxes to bits. A ban on coursing, foxhunting and all forms of hunting animals with packs of dogs is long overdue in Ireland.

Letter to
Leader of Fianna Fail Party Micheal Martin
Leader of Sinn Fein Party Gerry Adams
Minister for Finance Michael Noonan
and 5 others
Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland and Leader of Fine Gael Party Enda Kenny
Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney
Minister for Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht Affairs Heather Humphreys
An Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) Joan Burton
Dept of Agriculture
I am one of the majority opposed to hare coursing, hare hunting, fox hunting, terrierwork, digging-out, mink hunting and all forms of hunting animals with packs of dogs.

These disgusting activities are responsible for terrible cruelty to animals and should have no place in modern Ireland.

I appeal to you to show compassion and back a total ban on blood sports in Ireland.

Thank you. I look forward to your response.

Yours Sincerely,