Ban animal sacrifice! Lets celebrate happily without harming others

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If we can have a waterless Holi, a soundless and pollution-free Diwali, an eco-friendly Ganeshotsav, a low- heighted Dahi Handi, WHY NOT a Bloodless Eid?

Animal sacrifice is clearly a severe case of animal cruelty. If a few other states can clearly see the truth and take a stand, why cannot others? Can we take the life of someone innocent and call it a sacrifice? 

Animals know no religion nor any culture. Why would they sacrifice? 

What's the difference between our pet dog or cat and a goat?

If you feel that no change can be brought in matters of religion and customs, remember that if people thought the same way during the times when malpractices such as Sati, Dowry, etc were followed, This change would never have been implemented till today.

If we are willing to take a stand and fight, only then we can fight for the freedom of animals.

Let's stop this blind faith and look at these animals with compassion. It's modern society and it needs modern outlook to survive.

Lets start celebrating a happy bloodless cruelty free eid, henceforth.

It's high time now. Wakeup, world.

Live and let live.