Bundjalung Cultural Center for Ballina

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In order for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to progress, we need to build sustainable industries. Our children need something in their community that inspires belief for their futures. For too long, there has been very little for the children of our community to aspire towards. We aim to build an Aboriginal Cultural Center from the ground up. All we seek at this point is a shop front to begin building an economic basis for this dream to move forward.

We see the future of jobs in our community being through tourism and shared cultural experiences. Our culture is the single most important aspect of our ongoing success both spiritually and financially. We want to create jobs for our children's future. We want to share our culture with broader Australian society as a means of breaking down misconceptions and working towards reconciliation. Help us convince the council of the importance of this movement.

The Center would act as a showcase for unknown artists working within the Ballina Shire. It would provide a keeping place for the many artifacts discovered in our region. It would be a key learning resource for local schools. It will become somewhere for all families to learn more about local Bundjalung culture. It would allow us to provide school holiday programs for children of all backgrounds. It would provide a base to begin a legitimate cultural tourism industry within the Ballina Shire. It will provide a safe space for us to teach and share our language and culture with our future generations.

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