Providing funding to train staff to support children with Autism in Ontario schools.

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Issue: There is a lack of support for children with Autism in classrooms in Ontario.

Why It Matters: This does not promote inclusivity in the classroom, or let children with Autism reach their full potential as they could with in-class support. 

What We Want: More trained staff in Ontario classrooms to better promote and support the learning of our children with Autism. Providing workshops, training modules, and information sessions to give teachers an idea of how to better work with children with Autism without specialization in the field.

According to a survey released by Ontario Autism Coalition some of the key challenges highlighted were:
- Lack of better training and support services.
- 72% of children with autism do not receive the appropriate help they need at school.
- Parents feeling that their children are neglected in educational settings.
- In about 60% of studies focusing on children with Autism in school-age settings, 166 respondents were told by a professional that their child required one to one support from an educational assistant, but only 17% say that their child has that support.
- Another challenge is lack of services on poorly allocated funding. 

Inspired by, and supporting Autism Canada.