Save ST Paul St Gallery Staff!

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We request AUT to continue the support of ST Paul St Gallery and its staff. Through its curated programme of exhibitions, events, symposia and publications the gallery is internationally respected and holds the mantle that art should speak critically about society. It is only through its dedicated staff has it been able to become a key platform for the development of contemporary art and design in Aotearoa.

ST Paul St Gallery was recently handed a change proposal document from the university that would make all staff at the gallery redundant, replacing the roles of Gallery Director, Gallery Assistant, Curatorial Assistant, and Technician with a 0.5 secondment from the academic staff, and a .5 gallery Assistant role. Many of us believe this proposal to be short-sighted, and can’t see how ST Paul St could operate within this new structure.
AUT is claiming that the gallery is not sufficiently integrated into teaching and learning or research across the school - a criticism we believe to be unfounded. In reality, it is a way for AUT to save money. This announcement came without any consultation between the Gallery staff and the university.