Automate pedestrian pushbuttons to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

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We are asking all Australian state governments to urgently automate all pedestrian buttons. This should mean that the green pedestrian button automatically comes on in each phasing of the lights. 

This will help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Unlike other major cities around the world such as LA, Washington DC and New York, Australia’s pedestrian pushbuttons have to be pressed to cross the road*, this produces an unnecessary public health risk. 

The NSW Government has acknowledged there is some risk in touching surfaces in public places. Every time somebody presses a button, this risks increasing the spread of the virus around Australia.

We call on Australia's state and territory governments to make this simple and urgent change now. 

*Normally Sydney’s CBD has automatic press buttons during the weekday, Saturdays except for Sundays and public holidays. On March 23 the NSW government announced that all pushbuttons in central Sydney will be automated, but this needs to be extended nationally.