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Stop the Backpacker Tax

Dear Treasurer,

Backpackers are very important to our local economy. They fill critical labour needs at peak times, and bring new life into rural communities.

If they have to pay 32.5 cents tax in every dollar, they won’t come anymore. They won’t experience life in rural Australia, and farmers won’t be able to grow and harvest their crops or fill vital on-farm roles.

It’s not a fair tax, and it’s not a sound economic decision. Backpackers contribute more than $3.5 billion to the economy each year. We need more of them, not less.

Please don’t change the tax rules for backpackers. Consult with the community instead as part of the broader Tax Reform agenda.

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  • Treasurer
    The Hon Scott Morrison MP
  • Minister for Revenue and Financial Services
    Kelly O'Dwyer
  • Australian Labor Party
    Bill Shorten

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