Stop sourcing unethically produced goods from China.

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We never think twice when buying goods from Australia, even with the fine print 'Made in China'. Since many of us ignore this, we're neglecting the fact that our actions we take have become a desperation of grief and pain for animals. We have numerous laws applied in Australia about stopping animal cruelty, which has allowed us to help take care of the endangered animals and to stop abusing them. However, these laws do not apply in China.

China has not enforced any animal abuse laws which is why many of the items imported here have been tested on animals or made from animal skin. These disgusting and cruel acts are still being allowed, and the finished items are ending up on our shelves. 

So the question is, why are we still allowing this? We need to change the way Australia runs, and the first step you can do is sign this petition. Let's stop the cruelty and stop using unethically sourced items. Start supporting local/Australian manufacturers.