Legislation to Prosecute those On-Selling Infant Formula and Essential Baby Products

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We are calling for Australian authorities to step in. Australian parents and carers of young children are extremely concerned at the rate formula and essential baby items are being hoarded and sold on via non commercial trade for individual profit.

Formula that is being sold on could propose a serious health and safety risk for infants and toddlers. There is risk of products being tampered with.

Many Australian families budget for 2 formula tins per week and many can not afford to search for formula or ‘stockpile’.

Nappies and wipes are disappearing off shelves and people who do not have or care for young children are purchasing these items to hoard and to sell on for various individual gains.

There is a serious risk that formula manufacturers may slow down or shut during the Coronavirus period. If formula becomes unavailable, the implications of this are frightening for young children and babies and it poses yet another threat to the already stretched Australian Healthcare system. 

Sign this petition to urge the Australian Government to pass legislation to penalise individual people selling on baby formula, nappies and baby wipes and to protect Australian families with young children.