Expanding the Marine Reserves of Kangaroo Island to Shark Bay

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There are gaping holes in the Federal Government's Marine Reserve Blueprint for the biodiverse region stretching from Kangaroo Island, South Australia, to Shark Bay, Western Australia. Yet amendments have not been made following the demands from some 150 marine experts and scientists to expand the minimally protected areas. 

Professor Jessica Meeuwig (Marine Ecologist from Western Australia University) states that a disappointing 3.5% of the threatened environment is preserved under the plan. This is well below international standards of around 20-40% of protection. As the environments are so uniquely diverse, they provide shelter for thousands of marine organisms including many threatened species such as the Australian Sea Lion, numerous whales and the Great White Shark.  

In light of the new oil drilling proposal at the Great Australian Bight, the call for change is needed more desperately than ever as the poisoning of these environments looms ever-so-closely. If these habitats fall into the hands of large polluting industries, so too will its biodiversity and attraction. Do you stand for change? Sign this petition to let your opinion be heard!