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SAVE THE TURTLES AND MARINE WILDLIFE!!! Use of plastic straws is drastically and disturbingly affecting sea life with 1 in 5 turtles dying after ingesting just one peace of plastic. This increases to a 50% chance of death with the consumption of 14 pieces of plastic. In just Australia alone, 10 million non-reusable plastic straws are used in one single day. This increases to 3.5 billion straws in one year. According to the ‘Sea Turtle Conservancy’, over 100 million marine animals die each year with more than half of sea turtles across the world ingesting plastic and other man-made trash.

STOP THE ISSUE!!!                                                  It's a simple solution, all YOU have to do as an individual is sign this petition, share it, and buy yourself a non-expensive reusable straw. They are extremely easy to find online at cheap prices and in some stores such as ‘Sportsgirl’. If wanted, you can even buy reusable straws which come in a keychain sized box that you can attach to your keys. Simple and lifesaving. You can also help by not only boycotting plastic straws, but talking to your local cafes and restaurants that do not use paper straws. Help us enforce a non-plastic policy. SME Businesses can help by becoming pioneers for the future and banning plastic straws from their operations.

The turtles thank you, lifesavers.