Australia is in despair!

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Australia is burning. The fires are spreading rapidly and uncontrollably, wiping out every living creature along the way. So far one third of the wildlife have been  destroyed and the numbers are increasing every second. Thousands of properties are gone, people in panic are leaving their burning houses by thousands..  We are all in a state of despair.  Australia has very limited resources  to continue the battle. The firefighters are exhausted but they keep fighting 24/7. We must unite and together call for help from all the countries and nations who could possibly help us. We are well aware that Russian Federation has offered help with supply of manpower and specially designed planes built to fight such kind of catastrophe. But the government ''proudly'' refused. We suspect that many other countries have also offered their help - the outcome you know. By this petition we are demanding: 1.Towns and cities are suffocating with smoke. Right now we have human casualties in tens. Soon there could be hundreds or thousands. Stop the count! 2. The Australian fauna is on the brink of extinction . Save what's left! 3.  Australian farming is under threat. Help them!.4.  Swallow your pride and accept any and all offers of the nations of the world and reach out!