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Amend egg production laws in Australia - put an end to the horrific killing of baby chicks

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Did you know that every year in Australia, around 12 million baby chicks are killed in the first day of their lives, as waste products of the Australian egg industry?

Did you know that since only female chickens lay eggs, male chicks who have no commercial value to the egg industry are routinely gassed or - horrifically - placed on a conveyor belt and ground up alive in mass killings?

While many of us nowadays are aware of varying hen housing conditions and aim to buy free-range eggs from supermarkets, the inhumane treatment of chicks is something rarely made known. As a result, few of us in society are aware that even the most well-intentioned purchase of ethically endorsed eggs contributes to the cruel and torturous slaughter of these little chicks.

Our egg systems are faced with a universal 'problem' when it comes to the hatching of chicks raised for egg laying. Put simply, current demand for eggs in Australia can only be met by factory farming and because of this, chicks are considered only as a means for profit. If they are not of value, they are killed in these brutal ways.

Please  take a stand now - sign this petition and plead with our government to amend the current legislation that exists. We not only need to eliminate these cruel practices but enforce change that holds farmers ethically accountable as well as allows consumers to clearly be aware of what happens behind closed doors. 

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