BUSHFIRES: Immediate suspension of wildlife CULLS & GVT killing HEALTHY animals

BUSHFIRES: Immediate suspension of wildlife CULLS & GVT killing HEALTHY animals

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We are approaching 2 BILLION animals that have been killed in a short time this fire season. The fire season is not over.

The federal and state governments are continuing with culling and instructing that HEALTHY YOUNG ANIMALS are KILLED IN THE FIELD, because they MIGHT need extra care.

The issues:

- Laws and licenses remain in place that allow people to cull and/or harvest kangaroos, wombats, and native birds on and around their private properties, as well - commercial licenses remain in place to "harvest" kangaroos;

* Please see updates for a breakdown of some states recently claiming to have halted culling (05 Feb Now back to culling)

**UPDATE: As well, since this petition was first published, everyone has become aware of the brutal deaths of too many Koalas thanks to private land holders.  Tree removal CAN be done with care and consideration.

Past and current numbers: In Victoria alone, licenses were issued in 2018 to kill up to 170,000 kangaroos AND wallabies (no data available for 2019): Kill numbers VICNSW Kangaroo Culling, Native Game birds, Victorian Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan 2019.  In QLD the harvesting of up to 20% of a population is deemed appropriate QLD harvesting

** UPDATE: On Feb 6 Andy Meddick MP announced a fantastic win for wombats.  Victoria has agreed to protect them in the 193 parishes that allowed them to be killed.  Well done Mr. Meddick!

This petition is calling for NATIONAL changes.

- The governments are attempting to demand the death of young animals, as they claim that those animals might not be able to be released, or might "require extended periods in captivity to be rehabilitated"; 

and  "In the wild, reluctance to move away, able to be approached within 50m (their flight distance)." This is an indicator to euthanise. 50m!
See here for more: DELWP  Euthanising decision & Wildlife Vic Vet guidelines

** * See Feb 5 update on DELWP conflict of interest

The likes of these bushfires across the country have never been seen.  They are fire storms. 

We MUST take a moment to breathe!  We must NOT make life and death decisions until an overall picture can be seen.

Carers are WILLING to put everything into the care of any creature that survives, or MIGHT survive.

It is those carers who must be given the opportunity to do their jobs, and make those decisions.

** More and more people are learning how to care for Australian wildlife, and are highly likely to register themselves as foster carers due to these horrific events.

"Across Australia many wildlife carers are successfully raising orphaned koalas and kangaroos, and are furious government staff and contractors entering fire-ravaged bushland are being told to shoot rather than rescue many joeys." 

"Contrary to established practice, the plan urges against handing the animals to wildlife volunteers, stating “these animals require significant long term care and cannot be successfully returned to the wild.”

The government plan goes on to describe methods of euthanasia which include lethal injection, blunt forced trauma and shooting." Source: Article: 7 Jan 2020

There are MANY animals that might be released, and yes it might take time, and yes those animals may have to be released into a new space; but isn't it worth trying?  Carers are willing!  Donations are FLOODING in to support to those carers, and more will come in.

Those signing this petition are asking, nee demanding, that:

Until the true impacts on wildlife and habitat are known

- STATE & FEDERAL Governments must order an IMMEDIATE HALT to ALL private culling/pest reduction permits and commercial harvesting programs; along with

- (with the exception of an animal so clearly suffering) an acknowledgment that euthanising decisions MUST be on a case by case basis by experienced carers or vets, with EVERY animal given every possible chance at life.  Young and healthy animals have that right.

In order to do so carers and vets, they MUST be allowed SWIFT access to the burned areas.

*images sourced online: Port Macquarie Koala hospital and media agencies

16,114 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!