Resignation of David Morrison as Australian of the Year.

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Mr Morrison,

And I will call you Mr Morrison because in my opinion you have by way of failing to publicly champion the cause of physically and mentally disabled ADF personnel clearly demonstrated a lack of leadership, expected by those that have served in the ADF, especially those that have served with and under you.

On the Monday evening preceding Australia Day you had the premium opportunity, perhaps since the Vietnam Veteran welcome home march of 1987 to raise an issue which currently effects the lives of perhaps many thousands, and potentially, if the Vietnam conflict is anything to judge by, many tens of thousands. Of which, many you are directly responsible for sending into harm’s way, and although this is a necessity of conflict, the evident failing is in their care in later life.

Many of those under your command were left on the battlefield, this is, and must be an unfortunate acceptance of conflict, and what can be done for them has been done. However hundreds continue to suffer accepted physical conditions, and many thousands suffer accepted psychological conditions, in failing to take advantage of an opportunity such as your Australia Day acceptance speech to highlight their plight, you demonstrated that you are, at the least naive and ignorant to their plight, but given your position in the ADF it seems perhaps more evident you are lacking in courage, initiative, respect and teamwork. "The Army"s core values". The word coward can't be bandied about likely, but in respect of this issue, in the eyes of many, perhaps, a legitimate argument for its use can made.

It is commendable that you intend, as Australian of the year to continue to raise the issue of domestic violence so passionately campaigned by your predecessor Rosemary Batty, and it is commendable and appropriate that your work regarding diversity and the gender pay gap be a principal component. But it is beyond comprehension, and unfathomable in any sense that the time taken to raise the question or debate on the republican movement could not be direted toward an issue which not only would seem more appropriate, but less divisive.

It is, in my opinion, that you were presented an generational opportunity to highlight the welfare and health issues of ex, and in some circumstance current members of the Australian Defence Force, and their families and loved ones, in failing to do so we the undersigned are therefore petitioning you to relinquish the retired title of General, and to resign as Australian of the year.