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Australia Needs Rekiah's Law

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On the 11th October 2013, I received the most gut wrenching phone call from my father. He had called to tell me that my 22 year old sister, Rekiah, had been murdered - shot in the head by the person who claimed to love her, Nelson Lai.

Nelson had mentally and physically abused my sister for months on end, beating her, holding knives to her throat, kicking her in stomach, accusing her of cheating - which, when she denied, threatened to kill her until she admitted to being unfaithful. Rekiah would lie and tell Nelson she had feelings for other men, just to get a break from the abuse, as it seemed to satisfy his ice-fuelled frenzy. Nelson threatened to kill her on so many occasions, it became the norm. When Rekiah wanted to leave the relationship, Nelson would threaten to kill her family and her friends.

My sister was a beautiful, headstrong woman. When she wanted something, she would stop at nothing to achieve it. She had a fierce determination and love for her family and friends, and always looked for the best in people. She saw something in Nelson - something that no one else could - and begged him to seek help. She would read psychology books and give him pamphlets on domestic violence.

Yet, this murderer, Nelson Lai, did not care. At approximately 9am on October 11th, he shot my sister in the head. Nelson finally followed through on all his death threats.

Nelson's defence in court for the months of abuse and Rekiah's murder, included excuses such as, "I didn't know the gun was loaded," and "I was scattered, from coming down off ice." These excuses convinced the jury to clear Nelson Lai of murder.

WHY does the government allow such pathetic excuses in court? Nelson Lai consciously chose to consume an illegal substance, fully knowing the effect ice had on his behaviour, therefore should be held fully accountable for all actions he made afterward.

WHY is the jury not allowed to hear details of the accused's past? Nelson Lai had previously spent time in prison, and had abused a previous partner in front of their children. He was well known by police due to his criminal record and drug abuse - yet this had no bearing on his verdict.

WHY is the precise aim of the gun not taken into account? Rekiah was shot directly into the temple. Ballistics experts gave evidence that this proved intent to kill, yet Nelson Lai was convicted only of manslaughter.

And finally, WHY does our government not care that these murderers are getting such short jail sentences, that in a few years, they will be wandering the streets, ready to commit these crimes again, and again, and again?

To the Victorian government - two Australian women a week have been killed in domestic violence cases this year. The statistics have become a national epidemic. I do not want my sister to become another statistic. I do not want her death to have been in vain. I want Rekiah to be the turning point of the domestic violence disaster.

I, and Australia, demand Rekiah's Law. Any person, who shoots a gun and kills another human, unless in self defence, is instantly convicted of murder. No excuses, no cop outs.

Please sign the petition Australia. We need to make our government listen.

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