Repeal the Death Penalty Abolition Act

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As the recent cases of the rape and murder of Jill Meagher in Victoria and Daniel Morcombe in Queensland have shown, there are cases in which the perpetrators are beyond redemption and the chance for them to ever be rehabilitated in a way that they can be allowed to return to society is non-existent.

In instances such as this, it is illogical and counter-productive for the tax payer to fund their meals, accommodation, clothing and healthcare for the rest of their natural lives.

Furthermore, with the existing life sentence regime in Australia, there is always a risk of the perpetrators being granted parole and released back into society, causing significant additional grief to the families of their victims.

This means that life sentence for people such as the murderers of Jill Meagher & Daniel Morcombe is counter-productive on both the justice and cost aspects.

Jail sentence is designed for rehabilitation and removal of criminal tendencies whenever possible. It makes no sense to keep in there psychopaths who are beyond redemption and where it is the intention of the state to never let them out.

Finally, a Roy Morgan poll conducted in 2014 showed that the majority of Australians (52.5%) now support the death penalty in certain extreme circumstances.

We the undersigned call upon the Attorney-General of Australia to introduce legislation to federal parliament to repeal the Death Penalty Abolition Act (Cth) and allow the governments of the various Australian states and territories to make their own decisions on the matter.

The legislation to repeal the Death Penalty Abolition Act (Cth) should state that if Capital Punishment is introduced by any Australian state or territory, the only allowable method of execution will be a lethal injection as it is fast, causes no suffering and is extremely cost effective to the taxpayer (around $200 per injection according to research conducted in the US).

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