Fast track the Bruce Highway Exit for the Harmony Estate, Palmview

Fast track the Bruce Highway Exit for the Harmony Estate, Palmview

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Kristen Rose started this petition to Avid (Harmony)

The State Government has required the connection through a special condition placed on AVID. This was issued in 2015 and has always required AVID to deliver the project no later than June 2022. Council does support the state governments requirement for the road to open.

Since 2018, residents who have built homes at the Harmony Estate, Palmview, have been promised a direct motorway exit by the developers (Avid). Thousands of us were told it would be delivered by June, 2021. Many of us bought our homes here in the Harmony Estate on this promise - and the fact that this Highway exit would provide us with the following:

1) Easy Highway access to and from our homes

2) The convenience this exit would provide for work, the beach and leisure activities and

3) Most importantly - Safety in case of needing multiple fast exits in case of emergencies, such as a medical emergency, police or a bushfire.

There is currently a dirt track which is apparently for 'Emergency Vehicles, Fires and Tradespeople'. However, if needed in an emergency, many vehicles would be damaged or couldn't get out at all if attempting it - especially in wet weather. It's unlikely a developer would take responsibility or pay for any damages to our car should anything happen in such a situation. 

The majority of Avid's promises have not been delivered within time frames. Some are minor, but this is a major one in terms of safety, accessibility and convenience. If there's a dirt track there and the GPS is trying to direct us there already, why can't the Motorway access be fast tracked? Even by several months would make a huge difference, especially with bushfire season coming.

In terms of accessibility and convenience, It takes approximately 15 minutes for those of us at the back of the Estate t the Bruce Highway, which adds considerable time for those of us who work in Brisbane. In addition, the sheer amount of homes sold and moved into are making the traffic delays far longer than before the Covid boom. As an example, for myself, working in the North Lakes region, it adds an extra half hour to the commute every day. Additionally, many of us who try to get tenants in our homes are turned down because the lack of the promised Highway exit means it's "too far" from the potential tenants work or the beach.

More importantly though, if there is an emergency such as a medical emergency, police situation or fire, there is ONLY ONE ENTRANCE AND EXIT in and out of the Estate.

If a crime occurs, police from Maroochydore have to go the long way around, with around half an hour until they reach the crime. This has certainly added to the petty crime and theft in our estate. There have been a number of times where police have been alerted to an incident, but by the time they get here the offenders are long gone.

It's not ideal for someone suffering a medical emergency to either have to be driven 15 minutes out of the estate (and 15 minutes in). Alternately, if Emergency Services were to take the dirt road, then the patient would be bouncing around on a dirt track. In a life or death situation, this can make all the difference, so why not fast track it so there is a smoother road?

Finally, we recently had fires lit both sides of the ONLY entrance and exit to our Estate. Those of us at the back of the estate would likely have our homes, pets and vehicles all go up in flames. As much as we'd like to think our could call an Uber, they don't have posable thumbs - and realistically if there's a fire, those of us who are coming from the South wouldn't be able to get all the way through the Sippy Downs exit and 15 minutes either way in busy traffic.

In summary, we would like Avid to know that we don't want much- just the access, convenience and safety we were promised when purchasing our homes. \

We would like to propose that after multiple postponements and delays, Avid can finally deliver it earlier - ideally between February and April 2022 at the latest. 

With strong community support, we look forward to hearing back from Avid and those involved in this development. We hope a win-win solution can be reached.

308 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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