Make Backyard Chickens Legal in Ontario!

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A small number of municipalities have given the green light in allowing residents to keep chickens in their backyard. 

Kudos to Guelph, Kitchener, and Brampton, for example!

With the Covid-19 pandemic is upon us, countless Ontarians, including Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Ford have voiced their concerns about food security (food shortages). 

I believe that small-scale chicken "farming" is a reasonable way to combat this issue, since chickens have proven benefits in an urban/suburban setting including but not limited to sustainable living, egg production, pest and weed control, soil remediation through walk and drop manure, educational opportunities for young and old alike, reduction of our carbon footprints, and general improvement in mood/happiness. 

Chickens are highly social - they make great pets. You could watch them rooting in the soil for hours! They make FAR less noise than a barking dog or a leaf blower, and if their waste is dealt with regularly, do not make noxious odours. 

By signing this petition, you’ll be telling municipalities across Ontario that we the people should be able to exercise our right to healthy food and soil. We reject the deplorable conditions most battery hens live in for their short miserable lives. 

Thank you for signing and for sharing widely :)