Change SDSU's Mascot from the Aztec to the Steinmetz!

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Since the 1920's, the students of San Diego State University have been represented by the patronizing caricature stereotyping an indigenous civilization that was brutally murdered by Spanish Conquistadors. Using the victim of genocide and imperialism is clearly a dumb idea. Just follow the trend: (1) in 2000 the university changed the logo to something a little less Red-Skins-looking, (2) the last student body vote was just barely defeated and (3) the most recent senate vote succeed. This issue comes up almost every year and if you're pro-Monty... sorry pro-"Aztec Warrior", then you're clearly on the wrong side of history. Luckily The SDSU Koala is here with a solution motherfuckers! Meet Dr Harry Steinmetz, an OG BAMF and represents all the virtues students at SDSU should strive to obtain. Not convinced? Peep this list of reasons:

Why the Aztec Warrior Sucks:

  • Is a generalize of a culture that isn't even from here.
  • Logo looks like someone wanted to copy the Redskins but suxs at drawing. 
  • Aztecs sacrificed a ton of peeps to the gods.  
  • Aztecs had slaves and owned people. 
  • Promotes douche-y machismo culture.  

Why Dr Harry Steinmetz Should Be the Mascot:  

  • Was a wholesome professor who worked for the University for 24 years. 
  • Looks like JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson.
  • Hasn't killed anyone (probably) except stupid arguments using THE IMMORTAL SCIENCE OF MARXIST-LENINISM.
  • Harry is the name of a guy you can trust.
  • Worked to free the worker from the yolk of Capitalism. 
  • Represents sticking to your morals even when fake friends change the laws of an ENTIRE STATE to get you fired.

Now make Harry proud and smash that sign button! The Koala at SDSU thanks you. 

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