Support to Stop Brutal Murders of Dogs in Guwahati City, Assam, INDIA

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Humanity gross out one more time near Shanti Ban Path, Hatigaon, Guwahati, Assam. The pictures above are the innocent souls who lost their life on 19/09/19 and 21/09/19 , in the hands of demons disguised as humans. People who commit animal cruelty doesn't care about what they are doing to animals, for them it is amusing and a way to kill their waste time. And some even have fun in sharing it in different social medias.

It's a total unacceptable thing that none can agree to, when a human kills another of his kind, it's called MURDER but when the same happens with an animal it is not taken seriously, let me ask you people, are they not living beings? Don't they not feel anything ? The least they seek from us is just a bit of care even if not that then to just pass by without harming them.

But here we are looking into 2 Brutal Murder Cases, One Tied With Rope And Beaten Till Death And The Other Is Hit On The Head And Thrown Into The Drain, people have so much time to think of doing inhuman deeds, feels a Shame to be born as humans.

We even filed an FIR but the police doesn't want to pay any heed just because it's not about HUMANS, Why aren't we able to punish the culprits just because they killed 'Animals' not HUMANS, this one way is something that has been successful in past and that if we the huge population come together can then we can fight any Injustice together.

Click the Link below to View FIR filed by the "The Paw Foundation" against this Case :


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