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The University of Utrecht recently announced that they will end their primate research program as of January 1, 2011 . Although this is great news, the faith of the remaining five long-tailed macaque monkeys has not yet been determined. The University is considering killing the primates and putting their brains into a database, giving them to the Nijmegen University for similar types of experiments, or handing them over to one of the many sanctuaries that have already agreed to provide for them.

Please ask that they release the monkeys to a sanctuary !

(Disclaimer: the petition image belongs to Anti Dierproeven Coalitie)

Letter to
Ms Neslo EBA
Rector magnificus en vicevoorzitter Prof. dr. Hans Stoof
Secr. Annemieke Hekking
and 4 others
Secr. Corrie Krapels-Klapwijk
Voorzitter Mr. Yvonne C.M.T. van Rooy
Secr. Veronica Martinez Sobrino
Prof. dr. Hans M. Amman
I am contacting you regarding the faith of the five long-tailed macaque monkeys who will soon be retired from a life of experimentation. Although I applaud the University's decision to end the primate research program, I was shocked to discover that you have seriously been considering killing the animals or supplying them to another research laboratory, where they would face more painful tests or even death.

These non-human primates have already endured a tremendous amount of suffering during their confined lives. The University has taken a wonderful initiative by terminating the research on these animals, however the very least that these sentient beings deserve is their freedom. I urge you to please ensure that the animals are transferred to a rehabilitation sanctuary, where they may live out the remainder of their natural lives in peace.

Thank you for your time and consideration.