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Petitioning The United Nations

Ask the United Nations to End Violence in Schools


No child should be afraid to attend school because of the threat of sexual abuse, corporal punishment, or bullying. But every year 350 million children face violence in schools - and with devastating effects.

Plan USA is working with governments, teachers, parents, and educational authorities across the world to implement plans of action to end violence in schools. But we need your help to extend this reach.

Please help Plan USA achieve violence-free schools by signing our petition urging the United Nations to encourage every country to take immediate action so that every child has the right to Learn Without Fear.

Letter to
The United Nations
I believe that every child has the right to attend school without the fear of violence. But right now children around the world face sexual abuse, corporal punishment, and bullying in their schools each day. We must put a stop to this cycle of violence against children and make schools safe places where they can learn without fear.

I urge the United Nations to help end all forms of violence in schools by encouraging every country to:

• Work with non-governmental organizations and governments to establish data-collection systems so we can better understand the severity of violence in schools;
• Work with teachers and education authorities to develop and implement plans of action for achieving violence-free schools; and
• Establish a procedure for children to report violent incidents.

Please declare that the United Nations supports the right of every child to attend school without the fear of violence.

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