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The majority of Americans rank children and youth among their top political priorities. It’s time our elected officials listened. A recent study found that child and youth issues have commanded only 2 percent of the presidential debate discussion. Together, we can change this.

Please take a moment to sign our petition asking the media and our presidential candidates to reflect the public will and make children and youth a priority in the remaining debates.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: President Obama.

Why is a quarter of America’s population (and 100 percent of its future) being ignored during the presidential debates? According to a recent study, only 2 percent of the debate discussion so far has even mentioned children and youth; and this discussion has been far from substantial. We know that kids can’t vote, but that doesn’t make their problems any less important. The facts are grim: one-fifth of our nation’s children live in poverty and only two-thirds of them graduate on time from high school. We need to do better.

Americans need to hear the candidates address the challenges that impact children, young people and their families. From quality child care, public education, and health care to affordable higher education and access to living wage jobs, these problems are complex. We need leaders with real solutions; the very future of our economy and nation depend on it.

Please don’t let another debate go by without making children a priority. Ask the right questions. Demand real answers.

Thank you,

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