Ask the Greek Government to RELEASE refugees' activist Salam Aldeen NOW and NOT DEPORT HIM

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Salam Aldeen is the founder of NGO 'Team Humanity', a Danish non profit humanitarian organization set up in 2015 and dedicated to providing refugee aid on the Greek island of Lesvos in the Mediterranean Sea.

Today 11th of December, Salam has been arrested on charges of 'public threat' by the Greek police and he will apparently be imprisioned untill he is deported from Greece when all he is doing, as an emergency worker, is to help refugees out in extreme conditions by distributing clothing, warm blankets and food to the many starving and freezing ones.

I don't personally know Salam but after following his actions on the ground -among them building up a playground for kids there- this initiative happens as the result of my admiration to his courageous and dedicated work in order to provide refugees with the basic needs, when governments are not there to do so.

NOW it's Salam who does need our support, so sign please to hereby ask the Greek government to release him and to stop his deportation.