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Asian Elephants on the edge of extinction due to Habitat destruction !

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I am Kritii Manoj Gupta studying in  class 9, The Orbis School, Pune. As we all are focusing to improvise all the conditions of living and comfort in our lives and to make progress, we are actually neglecting the reverse side of this coin, that is our actions  are severely affecting 'Nature'. Day by day, many acres of land are cleared to build houses or for agricultural purposes. In this activity, we are also very badly affecting the habitats of Flora and Fauna.

We are really fortunate enough to witness the beautiful and diverse species of animals and birds  but our future generations won't have the same luck. And once vanished, we will lose them forever and there is no chance of their return neither they can be produced in any laboratory in this world. 

Asian Elephants one of the prettiest creatures of the world are really on the edge of the extinction. In 1990's, they were widely traded through many countries. Their 'Tusks' were removed and used for decoration in houses. 'Ivory' which is a hard, creamy and white substance and the main constituent of the tusks was removed for making ornaments.  How can one be so harsh and greedy that just for making someone look beautiful with ornaments, One can even indulge in killing the most huge animal ? In India, many Elephants are even being abused for tourist rides. NOW, ONLY 35,000 TO 40,000 ASIAN ELEPHANTS ARE LEFT ! And if our way of treating animals continues in the same way, then a day will come when we will regret not having our dearest creatures of the world. 

Even animals are living beings, then why do we ill-treat them ? Why are we destroying their habitats, their families and their houses merely for our comfort ? How will you feel if someone is destroying your home ? Then what about animals and their feelings ? 

Now we can't sit quietly anymore ! We have to find answers to these questions and leave our chairs and  take measures to save animals and their habitats. 

My main aim to  make this petition was to emphasise on the most vital, important and adorable animals and their families and habitats which are on the verge of extinction, and as far as the we are concerned,  now we have to take steps. Change lies in our hands, and we have to bring about that change. We have to DECIDE, COMMIT AND SUCCEED.

As an active citizen of the country and the world as well, We all have to come together to protect our mother 'Nature', To save our planet Earth's creatures and beauty to preserve them for future and not to destroy them.

I request my friends to sign my petition and take a step for our mother 'Nature'  and for all the creations in this world who have been threatened by us but now they should be saved. Please take this small step with me. 

Kritii Manoj Gupta. 

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