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Relieve Stewart Robson from his Arsenal Player duties

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As an Arsenal supporter, I would like to express my dissatisfaction with Stewart Robson’s commentary on Arsenal matches both for Arsenal Player and for other Arsenal FC related broadcasts. I am dismayed by his consistently unfair and desperately negative comments about Arsenal FC and I believe that this has been a consistent source of annoyance to many other Arsenal supporters for a number of seasons.

However, Stewart Robson's commentary during the Manchester City game (8/04/12) was especially egregious and it is following this that I would like to request that the club cease to employ him as both a commentator and a post-match tactical analyst at the earliest opportunity .

From the opening minutes, his disproportionately negative criticism of Arsenal was clear. Robson suggested that the Arsenal players would begin to systematically appeal in order to influence the referee over his decisions to caution members of the opposing team. Throughout the match, Robson continued to make reference to the ease at which he believed Arsenal players were going to ground after challenges and in turn feigning subsequent injury, despite several of the challenges in question being reported in the wider media as examples of reckless play. Robson's overall negativity contributes to a very poor image of the Arsenal team to viewers and it is of growing agreement amongst many Arsenal FC members that he is doing active damage to the image of Arsenal FC in the footballing and media domains and that his anti-Arsenal sentiment is spoiling an otherwise excellent Arsenal Player experience.

It should be noted that there are a host of excellent Arsenal Player match commentators that regularly provide honest insight that is fair and moderately balanced. Yet, the hostility and anti-Arsenal bias expelled from Stewart Robson has become intolerable and the continuation of his services in their current guise is not acceptable.

Thank you for your consideration.

Matt Knight

Arsenal FC supporter, Red Member and Arsenal Player user.

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