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Palm oil production is the single biggest threat to South East Asian rainforests.
Every hour over 300 football fields of pristine, tropical rainforest is destroyed to make room for the establishment and expansion of palm oil plantations. Huge swaths of rainforest are burnt to the ground, leaving thousands of innocent animals, including the endangered Orangutan, helpless. Arnott's use palm oil in most (if not all) of there biscuits and other products.

Letter to
Arnott's ANZ
Arnotts Director Public Affairs Tony Jones
I urge Arnotts to Stop Using Palm Oil in it's products!

Palm Oil contributes to the destruction of some of the world's most bio-diverse rainforest, the near extinction of numerous animal species, threatens livelihoods and significantly contributes to climate change.

Rainforests hold the highest biodiversity in the world and palm oil plantations are rapidly diminishing this environment and as a result, hundreds of species are now in severe danger of becoming extinct. Palm oil also contains five different saturated fats and is therefore not a healthy oil option for members of the public to be consuming. Palm oil is leading to increased heart diseases in humans and the rapid decline of plant and animal rainforest species. When there are better substitutes like canola or other sustainable vegetable oils, why wouldn't you make the change?

Although your palm oil supplier may be a member of the RSPO, this in no way means that the palm oil is being produced sustainably.

I urge Arnotts to phase out palm oil.

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