Transition Industrial Dairy to Plant-Based Alternatives Before it's too Late!

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The truth is already out there. The production of cows milk is a leading cause of the climate crisis, responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emission, with livestock in general responsible for 18% of all emissions (Steinfeld et al., 2006; Gerber et al., 2010). Cows are being forcibly impregnated and treated as commodities to produce milk that we have been told we need and which is destroying our planet. It doesn't seem right. But it's the only option, right?

Wrong! Studies have shown that the production of plant-milk and, in particular oat milk is a viable, nutritious and sustainable alternative to dairy products, with research done by Sonesson et al an Nijdam et al showing that, on a per kg basis, the production of plant foods generally emits less GHG and requires less land than does the production of meat and dairy products. That might sound like a lot of science talk but what it means is this:

We can make a difference to this world and we can do it while celebrating in plant-based food and supporting farmers to transition to a more just and sustainable alternative. We're calling on Arla Foods, the largest dairy producer in the UK, to be role-model for change, accept the damage that they are doing and take the bold step to transition to an alternative that's better for the planet and it's inhabitants.

Come on Arla; it's time to be alternative!