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Justice for Heather M. Hill and her family. May she finally rest in peace.

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My sister, Nicole A. Cook, located in Arkansas Penitentiary, McPherson, has for as long as I can remember hurt everyone around her. Either physically and or mentally. I've been afraid of her since I was a child. She suppressed her children and mentally abused them for yrs. She would do meth or drink or pills or all the above and physically fight w her husband and girlfriend. Her girlfriend heather and her husband kevin just tried to keep her calm and not let the kids see. She was a very aggressive and spiteful sister. She'd file my nails down to the blood because she bit her nails and couldn't stand I could grow mine for example. Or when she super glued my eyelashes bc they were long. I've always been worried about her anger issues and how she's been to everyone. Wondering if she's ever going to hurt someone really bad or possibly kill them. Well last November she murdered her girlfriend of several years. She crushing her esophagus and strangling her to death after humiliating her by shaving part of her hair off bc she was upset. She continues to lie and make up stories. Tried to put it off on her husband ( who spent 14mths as an innocent man. He was just taking care of the kids in the Next Room so they wouldn't hear or see what's been going on for years and years. I guess that night was special and she snapped. Tried to cover her tracks but just made herself look like a fool. Now she thinks that she's gotten off with murder. She was sentenced to 30 years with 13 suspended 17 to serve. She can possibly go for parole in 3 to 4 years. I don't think that's Justice for Heather or her family. Taking a life should be at least 30 years or 15 b4 she can go up for parole. And I don't want her to get out and hurt anybody else because she thinks she gotten away with murder. She loved this woman and murdered her out of a fit of Rage. The autopsy said that Heather had around 46 bite scars from head to toe and almost 20 to 25 fresh bite marks. My sister's prone to biting chunks out of people. And not only did she put this woman through hell and her husband and her children. But she's now facing molestation charges with one of her daughters. She also beat our mother almost to death and left her on the floor in a puddle of her own blood to die just mths before Heather was gone. Heather did everything she could to help the kids. Thats why she stayed. She wanted to protect the kids and lost her life.. Heather never hurt anybody. She was such a sweetheart. . She didn't deserve what happened to her.

This woman is evil and I hate to say that she is my blood. Thank Goodness only half blood. But she does not deserve to get out in 3 to 4 years or even 13 years. Please sign this and help me to keep her where she belongs

Sorry so long. I tried to summarize it.

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