Executive Clemency for Heath Stocks

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          Suppression of evidence and cover-up of the truth are just two of the elements surrounding the case of Heath Stocks and the murder of the Stocks family.

            Heath Stocks was a victim of heinous sexual abuse at the hands of his Scoutmaster, Jack Walls, III; a highly respectable, well-known and successful member of the community of Lonoke, Arkansas.  This once named “Man of the Year” had in excess of 100 juveniles under his direction, not only as a pillar of the community but as a Boy Scout leader, that were manipulated and sexually molested – Heath Stocks being his “finest creation.”

             Almost 20 years ago, on January 17, 1997, Heath Stocks shot and killed his father, Joe Stocks, a fact undisputed.  His mother, Barbara, and sister, Heather, were also gunned down that night, but not at the hands of their brother and son.  As has recently been revealed, Jack Walls was present at the scene, ensuring the murders were carried out – a fact Walls has neither confirmed nor denied.  What is fact is that Walls, with no authority as investigator, officer, or any other qualified or authorized crime scene personnel, was granted the ability to “secure the scene” as a favor to the Stocks family.

             In addition to Walls, his nephew, Wade Knox, was also present at the scene on that January night.  Unlike Walls, Knox participated.  Newly obtained statements confirm what many knew, yet suppressed, while others simply speculated and assumed.  The fact that Walls and Knox were both present, participating in and instructing the murders, calls for a close re-examination of Heath’s case.

           Just days prior to the murders, Walls and Stocks had been observed in bed together at the Stocks’ family home by his mother, Barbara.  Walls’ secret was about to be finally revealed and, unlike in 1993 when a 16-year-old boy accused Walls of sexual advances at a Scout camp-out and found not guilty, Walls ensured silence.

          Heath Stocks, due to political influences, small town politics, ineffective counsel, just to name a few reasons, did not go to trial, but was instructed by many (including Walls, himself, and even his own family) to plead out and accept a sentence of life, without the possibility of parole, for each death. 

           It is the adamant belief and opinion of Heath’s many supporters that his case, with all evidence that has been uncovered since his sentencing, should be brought before a jury of his peers, allowing the mitigating circumstances never before revealed, to be given its day in court.

             A life was stolen, a family was destroyed and a community has been left asking how such a travesty of justice could have taken place right before its eyes.  I implore you to take a moment and familiarize yourself with this matter.  It is with great confidence that you, too, will join the list of supporters by signing his petition, and, hopefully, becoming a voice in the justice for Heath Stocks.

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