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Arizona State Legislature STOP SB1248: Allow Cities to Stop the Puppy Mill Industry!!

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Animal Advocates of Arizona,

Unfortunately, Governor Doug Ducey signed SB1248, a bill that prohibits Arizona cities from regulating pet sales. Ordinances passed by the city of Tempe and the city of Phoenix that ban pet stores from obtaining puppies from puppy mills are now preempted by state law.
The Governor indicated in his signing letter that he considers USDA-licensed breeders - places like this:
And this:
to be "safe, sanitary, and humane."
These are places where breeding dogs live out their entire lives, breeding so that Arizona pet stores can make money off of them. These are actual breeders used by the Arizona pet stores, Animal Kingdom and Puppies N'Love. They are factory farms for dogs, and now Arizona welcomes their business.
The Governor also said, "shutting down the good guys will do nothing to stop the bad actors." I will never understand how he can consider "the good guys" to be large-scale, out-of-state, commercial breeders that keep dogs in cages for their entire lives.
My dog, June, was used as a commercial breeding dog and she has a missing lower jaw, because the USDA did not require her breeders to provide proper dental care. She has deformed legs and herniated discs in her spine because the USDA allows breeders to keep dogs on wire-caged flooring their entire lives. USDA regulated facilities ARE puppy mills! I live, breathe, and see that fact every single day, as I witness June's suffering and NOTHING ILLEGAL was done to her. Now, places like the puppy mill where June came from will always be allowed to sell puppies to Arizona pet stores. More dogs like June will continue to suffer for this inhumane industry, with the Governor's blessing.
It is a shame that the Governor of Arizona puts profit over puppies.
Please write to him and tell him what you think about him signing SB1248, and protecting pet stores that keep puppy mills in business.
Governor Doug Ducey's Email:
Here is his signing letter:


Action 1: Email Governor Ducey. Tell a personal story, if you have one

Action 2:  Call Governor Doug Ducey’s office at 602-542-4331, and after hours (5pm Pacific) you can leave a voice mail at the Governor's Tucson number: 520-628-6580 

Action 3:  Tweet at the Governor: @dougducey and post on his Facebook:

Major concerns about SB1248:

This bill will rely on the USDA to regulate the commercial breeding facilities where pet stores can source their dogs from. According to the USDA standards:
• Dogs can live out their entire lives in cages that are no bigger than 6 inches beyond their bodies.
• Veterinary care is limited to a written care plan, and most breeders are only accountable for dogs with visible ailments that might be noted by an inspector’s annual visit.
• An exercise plan is required ONLY IF the dog is in a space less than 2 times the minimum required.
• Cages may be stacked on top of each other.
• Animals can be housed outside, with additional bedding required only when temperatures drop below 35 degrees F.
• The flooring of the cages can be made of wire, so that the dogs’ feet never touch solid ground.
• Primary enclosures and food/water receptacles only have to be washed with soap and water once every two weeks.
• Positive human contact with humans is recommended but not required.

As inhumane as these standards already are, the USDA standards are inadequately enforced. According to an internal audit, the USDA, itself, found that:
• There are not enough inspectors to effectively regulate the number of facilities.
• The agency has a history of not aggressively pursuing enforcement actions against Animal Welfare Act violators.
• Inspectors failed to cite or document violations to support enforcement.
• The enforcement process is ineffective at achieving dealer compliance.

Commercial breeders have been found to obtain new USDA license numbers, after their previous licenses were cancelled by the USDA.

• SB1248 does NOTHING to stop this from occurring, and in fact, protects pet stores if they use deceptive breeders by only requiring them to “presume to have acted in good faith” that their breeders have not had recent USDA violations.

SB1248 takes away the ability of Arizona cities to foster more humane treatment of dogs by enacting their own ordinances to regulate pet stores.

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 We need everyone to ACT NOW to stop SB1248!  It is more urgent now, than ever!

Copy of SB1248:

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