Save All Historical Monuments In Arizona

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My name is Mike Goodwin, I am a tax paying citizen of Arizona, a father, a husband, and a person who believes that all history should be taught and learned from (good or bad) because if we hide the bad history one day this history will repeat itself. Today our history is under attack by the NAACP,BLM and a state legislator.

These people want you to believe that the Confederate monuments in Arizona are here to promote hate, to help enslave the people of color. This is so far from the truth. The truth is that these monuments are here to tell a story from our ancestors past. So many lives were lost during the Civil War on both sides, and I had family fight for the North and South so I have ancestors on the Confederate and Union sides. They claim they are being forced to live with and pay for reminders of hate in public spaces. Most if not all Confederate monuments were paid for by private entities not state or federal monies


We have seen how far they will go when tearing down the historical monuments, how much they will make the tax payers have to spend and that they will not stop when they have all of the said ones down. They will then find more things to go after. Arizona was a part of the Confederacy before even being admitted to the Union. So it is part of history. They want to rename Jefferson Davis Highway, to what? I assume it will be something to their liking. Are they going to ask for Pancho Villa to be taken down, he was not a role model for our country but he is a part of our history. How about Geronimo, is he next because he fought against the Union soldiers, how about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. not everyone liked him does he need to come down also? he to is a part of history but not all people believe in his words.

Our country was founded on having the rights to freedom, where is the rights to the freedom of all of the America people. Just because a group does not like a part of history does not give them the right to remove history. The legislator started a petition stating things about a mans name who I refuse to acknowledge that went in to a church in South Carolina and killed 9 innocent people, he owned a Confederate Flag. Does that mean all people who own or have ancestors of the flag of the Confederate are killers? No, he was a sick man. Does it mean that if a man of another color kills a Caucasian  or Native American or even a Hispanic and he flys an American Flag then we should erase all history of said flag. No. We teach our children right from wrong but we do not hide it.

I am asking that ALL MONUMENTS with historical value in Arizona to stay in place, whether the history is good, bad or indifferent. History can not be erased. We need to learn from it and do not let it repeat itself if it was bad. Just because I do not like certain things does not give me the right to completely remove it from everyone. I am asking you to please sign this petition to save all historical monuments, including Confederate monuments, highways and street names from being removed today, tomorrow or anytime in the future. I am asking Governor Ducey, the State Board on Historic Names, and the Legislative Governmental Mall Commission to take immediate action to keep and preserve All Historical Monuments currently on taxpayer-funded public lands in th State of Arizona.

Arizonians should not have to lose it's history because of a few groups, and few peoples view of a small percentage of certain historical monuments. Please sign this petition today.

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