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I am starting this petition with my experience.Let's make Guild Wars BIG again.

I started playing this GW in February 2006. I pvp'd for mostly my entire GW experience ultil GW2 came out (HA guilds, GvG Guilds, as a pickup, etc). I wasn't a high level pvp player by those days but i felt important in the teams i participated in. Since then I've jumped from game to game and now i'm stuck with League of Legends, the big fish of today's online gaming. Regardless, I always come back to my beloved GW

We are in the era of eSports (LoL, CS:GO, HS, Overwatch...), and this game, has the best instanced and competitive PVP that i have ever seen. Also, in my opinion there is no game now that can be compared to GW's PVP. It has all the features that a game needs to succeed as an eSport:

  1. Spectator's mode to stream and broadcast leagues/championships: You can follow any single player and his perspective. It's nice to watch from the "B" where you can copy, discuss the best builds of the best players "live".
  2. Structured & balanced pvp ,maps,builds, etc. You have a ton of roles, skills and their second profession and skills to combine and make useful builds for your team. You can even practice your builds in non-competitive modes such as RA or TA. You have other casual gamemodes (don't kill me ha players) to chill with other players.
  3. It has a lot of specialization from the point of view of a team: shot-caller, healers, mid-laners,flag-carrier etc. It promotes something that we are loosing nowadays: FRIENDSHIP and TEAMWORK.  Making friends and playing with them is a key feature of an online game. All major pvp games nowadays are MOBA'S, and they are meant to be played alone more than with your friends.
  4. Separation between pvp and pve. A really  important feature they made a long time ago. Skills work different in pvp and pve so there is no imbalance in pvp due to pve boosts.
  5. Accesibility: This game is accesible for all people of all levels of skill, but as you get better you also feel it's more challenging. You can run this game in any PC today and that's a key factor an eSport has to have.
  6. Playerbase: There are people still playing this game and also people wanting to come back and play again. The problem i first saw when i came back was that there weren't any middle pack teams. Essentually, if you weren't that good as a player you couldn't play any ranked pvp.
  7. Multi-nation/cross-world teams: You can make any multi-language team because you can go to any server available, and get access to a player you need as long as you can communicate with him/her.

That is my point of why this game can be bigger than it ever was and why this can be a call to arms to anyone who plays. The only thing (in my opinion) you have to do to get players back is:

-Make the pvp game F2P: My first contact with this game was in a free pvp-only weekend. You can start by that and the get old and new players to try (again). Make it so they can play a competitive build and modify it by lowering the skills price . (And some kind of reward for GW2?)

-You can also add tools to get money by skins, pets, new quests,the skill pack, and the full game and that kind of things that are so normal nowadays (ingame shop).

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