Put an end to dog abuse and reveal the real face of Gunasekaran Samuel

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Two innocent puppies Roxy and Bella has been physically abused by Gunasekaran Samuel who is the Archbishop of the Anglican Communion of Churches in India. He adopted two rescued 5 month old puppies Roxy and Bella on 16/05/2019 in Chennai, India. Recently as he did not give any updates on the dogs the rescuer was shocked to see that the dogs were abandoned on the streets. He has also physically abused the puppies, the puppies have been hit and abused in their genital area as well.

Now the dogs have been rescued on 23/11/2019 and admitted in Heart to heart veterinary hospital, Chennai. The dogs have endured all the abuses and is CRITICAL in the hospital passing blood motion and sever infection in the blood. Gunasekaran Samuel has claimed that he has every right to abuse and kill the dogs as he adopted them and he owns them.

But our bible says

Psalm 50:10-11 “For every beast of the forest is mine, the cattle on a thousand hills. I know all the birds of the hills, and all that moves in the field is mine."

This person with the title Reverend had an option to return back the dogs to the rescuer if he didn’t want them, but took a very demonic path and abused those innocent animals. But what triggered a clergy who is in a high ranking position to physically abuse innocent puppies? This is not what you preach in the churches ? Did Jesus not tell us to be kind towards other beings ? This demon is preaching bible to millions of people while his actions are against it. If his actions don’t support what he preaches then his own belief is against what he preaches. His belief is against what Jesus says. His belief his against the verses in the Bible. It is completely wrong for a person such as him to be in such a revered position and abuse his powers, preaching what not he does. Shame on him. He is bringing shame to the church and he is not the right person to represent Church and Jesus Christ nor Human rights commission. This satan Gunasekaran Samuel is unfit to be a human let alone archbishop or Human rights representative. Please consider his titles as Archbishop and human rights diplomat.

We want answers as why he abused the puppies? We want him to own up to what he did and never ever have any dogs anymore in his life time. This should be a lesson for all the men and woman who hides their true face behind religion and position.