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Appointment of Abhishek Kadian as Dy. SP in Haryana Police

Recruitment of DSPs in Sports Quota approved by the Haryana Police but extra ordinary International repute social activist's needs attention, these activist also be given a chance for direct appointment as Dy. SP in the force, concerned policy be amended in the large interest of public.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Hon'ble Prime Minister of India
  • Hon'ble Ch. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Chief Minister of Haryana
  • H.E Governor of Haryana
  • Director General, Animal Husbandary Haryana
  • Member Secretary, CPCSEA
  • Deepender Singh Hooda, MP
  • Chief Secretary to Govt. of Haryana
  • HE President of India
  • Director, AWD
  • Hon'ble Minister of Environment and Forest
  • AWBI
  • Director General of Haryana Police
  • Hon'ble Vice President of India
  • Hon'ble Speaker of Haryana Assembly

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