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Appoint a doctor or scientist to the DEA and ONDCP

A letter to President Obama


One would think the DEA and ONDCP has doctors or scientists on staff. Sadly this is not so - we would like to see that changed and believe it is a step to change. Please sign our letter to President Obama requesting he appoint a medical doctor or scientist to the DEA and ONDCP.  


Letter to
President of the United States
It makes no sense that the DEA and ONDCP are run solely by law enforcement officials. These individuals have no medical or scientific training. It is obvious they do not take any scientific studies into consideration. Someone in charge of a drug policy should have scientific knowledge about drugs or at the very least medical training in medicines and drugs. Those in charge of the DEA and ONDCP simply tout the same falasies based on old gutter science, and yellow journalism portrayed in the past. We citizens are wiser than this and deserve better than touted falasies and dishonest tactics, even if they are out of ignorance. There is no excuse for ignorance by those in charge. Much has been discovered in recent times. The science done over the last 40 years needs to be taken into consideration, not simply ignored.

The Vienna Declaration was drafted by a team of international experts and initiated by several of the world’s leading HIV and drug policy scientific bodies: the International AIDS Society, the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP), and the BC Centre for Excellence in
HIV/AIDS. It was launched as the the official declaration of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010) held in Vienna, Austria in July 2010. The Vienna Declaration advocates for evidence based drug policy and strengthen the call for policies driven by evidence.

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With this in mind, please appoint a doctor or scientist to head the ONDCP and the DEA. If not, at the very least appoint a medical doctor or a scientist to each department with equal power and say, a co-chair so to speak.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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